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Custom Wood Products Galore!

Find out all about our self-made wooden items and how you can get some for yourself!

Read on to find out all about our HUGE range of wooden items all hand made by our staff here at Care In The Garden. We make everything and we mean everything! We produce: trellis planters, bird boxes, bird tables, wooden troughs, picnic benches, bench and table sets, coffee table and bench sets, 3ft single bench and small table sets, coffee tables, single benches and garden bars. We have lots of different sizes, shapes and designs to meet all your needs, but if you don't see what you are looking for please ask as we may still be able to help you!

We do picnic benches up to 7ft long, you pick the paint job! Or keep it natural, the choice is always yours.

5ft picnic benches start at £295, contact us for more information.

Trellis planters come in two sizes: short and tall. Each has a 1 foot deep planter and the following dimensions (LxWxH):

Short: 4ftx1ftx4ft

Tall: 4ftx1ftx6ft

Our bird boxes come in our most colourful varieties for an absolute steal from £12.50! From natural to solid colour to decoupage and even uniquely painted intricate designs we do whatever you need.

The range of troughs we do here is equally as colourful, with amazing professional quality paint jobs or printed images to your request. We can also plant them up with flowers or herbs for a small additional charge. Troughs come in the following sizes (LxWxH):

Regular: 24inchx12inchx11inch £35 unpainted, £45 painted

Long: 48inchx12inchx11inch £50 unpainted, £60 painted

We do a huge variety of bench styles, designs and set deals as well as single sales, whatever suits you! Prices not stated are dependent on the size you choose so contact us for more information.

Coffee table bench sets start at a reasonable £195 which includes the coffee table and both benches. Benches on their own are only £120 and for an extra £20 we can add a beautiful paint job for you.

3 foot benches come with a lovely small table for only £95!

And check out our garden bars to set your garden apart from the rest. Bring over all the family and wow them with our incredible garden bars.


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