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The Mower Men

THE MOWER MEN really enjoy the opportunity to get out in the community and work hard. They have all done their initial training at the Nursery, and always come out with a member of staff to assist them.  Pete and Neil are the supervisors, and each morning, they collect their teams and head out for the day.

We risk assess all jobs before we start, and Care in the Garden provides everybody with protective clothing.

Apart from maintaining the nursery site, they have several other jobs on the go at the moment.

The Mower men also get out and about helping with our planting contracts for Red Funnel, Whippingham Parish Council, East Cowes Town Council and Newport Parish Council.  We plant and maintain troughs, baskets and public borders in and around these towns.

Look out for Rob and the "Mower Men" team in their new crew van. They love their job and offer a good service at a very competitive price, so if you would like us to come and cut your grass for you, to keep the area surrounding your business tidy, we would love to come and help. Get in touch to find out more!

Rob and Dan "Let us mow your lawns, or else!"

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