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Plants For All Seasons

When Care in the Garden moved to Palmers Brook Nursery in 2012, our main aims were to support people who need a little extra help to work, and to grow and sell amazing plants at AMAZING PRICES.  Every year since then, we have added another polytunnel to cope with increasing demand.  Twice a year we have our famous plug plant weekends, where you can buy plug plants to grow on in your own garden.  Our shop and tunnels are jammed full of a great variety of plants, both basket and bedding, to brighten your home for the summer.  We also sell a variety of shrubs and perennials which will give you pleasure year after year. Take a look at the video which shows our staff at work.



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​Spring / Summer

We begin growing our plants from early February.  You can find all your favourite flowers here, from bedding plants to superb trailers for your baskets, also a selection of vegetable plants, shrubs, perennials  and climbers for those larger areas in your garden.


From August onwards, you can find something here to fill the gaps in your borders.

We will be growing autumn violas, pansies and wallflowers - all winter hardy so they will take your garden through from the end of the summer to Christmas and beyond.

Bulbs for Spring will be in stock - at our great prices, and they will soon be followed by roses, raspberry canes etc.

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