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Plant of The Day 7/04/22

Today's plant of the day is Calendula!

Splash your garden with yellow this summer with our calendulas! They look absolutely stunning and they're dead easy to grow. Keep them inside or really show them off in your garden beds. For the best showy flowers keep them in a bright sunny area, but these easy-going plants can get on just fine in partial shade.

Water fairly often and make sure to keep trimming back those flower heads to get that perfect, full bloom. Another great thing about these magnificent plants is they will continue to thrive throughout the autumn and winter, adding a beautiful splash of colour to the dreary cold seasons. Not to forget these plants attract pollinators and even repel pests so get them out now, what are you waiting for?

Sun: Full

Height: 25cm (10 inch)

Spread: 25cm (10 inch)


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