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Plant of The Day 4/07/22

Today's plant of the day is Dahlia!

A beautiful dark dahlia producing large velvet red blooms on robust stems with dark leaves. Loves the sun and easy to maintain.

Ideal for patio containers or planting in the garden border. Protect from frost and water well, feeding weekly whilst the plant is in flower.

Sun: Full

Height: 40cm (16 Linuch)b Dahlia Lubega Dark Velvet!Lubega Dark Velve!Lubega Dark Velv!Lubega Dark Vel!Lubega Dark Ve!Lubega Dark V!Lubega Dark !Lubega Dark!Lubega Dar!Lubega Da!Lubega D!Lubega !Lubega!Lubeg!Lga Dark Velvetube! Lub! Lu! L!

Spread: 30cm (12 inch)


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