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Plant of The Day 4/04/22

Today's plant of the day is Rosemary Officinalis!

When you think about Rosemary you may only think about its use in the kitchen. You're not wrong - it is brilliant in the kitchen - but it is also an absolutely amazing plant in its own right too.

Rosemary has aromatic, needle-like leaves that become smothered with pale-blue flowers as it matures. These brilliant blue flowers cover the plant for the whole summer long, providing not only a beautiful viewing piece but a great utility as a herb for your cooking! Not to mention it's great for pollinators so come grab some today.

This hardy perennial makes for a spectacular border plant but also does great in herb boxes for all your cooking needs. It grows to the size of the container you put it in, so small herb or big eye-catching border plant, the choice is yours!

Plant in fertile soil and water well, ensuring it does not dry out. Prune lightly to remove unsightly shoots and control the size as you see fit.

Sun: Full

Height: 60-150cm (24-59 inch)

Spread: 60-120cm (24-47 inch)


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