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Mother's Day Bonanza!

Don't miss Care In The Garden's HUGE sale of all things Mother's Day this March!

This Mother's Day we are going all out with fantastic bouquets, pots, flower selections, baskets and all kinds of gifts for all kinds of mothers! Spoil your mums with adorable gifts and trinkets or brilliant colours for in the house or out in the garden.

Don't Miss Out!

Come on down and check out our massive selection of amazing Mother's Day items right here at Care In The Garden for bargain prices. There's something special here for every mother; each basket is admiringly packed with love - and beautiful flowers!

Dirt Cheap!

Our wide selection is not only breath-takingly diverse and vibrant, but it's competitively cheap. You won't get prices like these on items of our quality so make sure you swing by our collection this Mother's Day and make your mum feel special!


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