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Mega Deals at the Plant Market!

We have deals galore here at the nursery.

1. Buy 3 Clematis for just £9.95.

2. Buy any 3 Cyclamen normal price £1.50 each for just £4.00

3. Buy 4 Large Chrysanthemum plants, normal price £2.95 each, for just £9.95.

4. Pansy, Viola and Wallflower plants which are normally priced at £1.95 for a pack of 6, but you can get our special offer price of 3 packs for just £5.00

5. Our single pots of plants that are normally priced at 60p each, are now on offer at 10 for £5.00

and finally....

6. Beat the Brexit blues with our Brexit busting deal!

You get:

3 trays of bedding, normally £1.95 each

3 hardy Cyclamen, normally £1.50 each

1 perennial, normally £1.95 each

All for £10.00

Get yours before they are gone!

We sell "Beautiful plants at amazing prices"


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