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What To plant This May

In this blog we'll walk you through some plants to get out in your garden this May - all of which are currently in stock at The Plant Market!

An obvious but great first choice is marigolds. They make a simple and beautiful addition to your gardens. Water every day or every other day and keep in a nice sunny position.

Snapdragons are that perfect hint of nostalgia to plant out in your gardens this May. They produce an abundance of stunning summer colours and they love the sun.

Fuchsias are beautiful and ready to be planted out. They come in all sorts of intense colour varieties so pick wisely and make your garden glow!

Delphiniums are another great pick. These sun-loving beauties come in all sorts of pinks blues and whites. They come back year after year and the more you feed them the better their blooms.

And don't forget to get your beautiful fragrant lavender out and planted this Spring. They love the sunlight and produce brilliant big buds on full bushes.


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