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Work Buddy Scheme

We believe it is a fundamental human right, that everyone has the opportunity to a full and meaningful life.  Here at Care in the Garden we aim to prove that everyone has a right to a place in the working world, even though they may need support to achieve it. We focus on the persons ability not their disability.

We hope that the corporate world will begin to appreciate and understand this and begin to work with us to further this aim. We are currently looking for companies and organisations who are willing to work with us and provide meaningful paid work opportunities for our supported workers. We will provide the work buddy. We understand that in today's marketplace, with the ever increasing costs, companies may be concerned about incurring extra expenses.  We strive to prove that a person supported by a work buddy can be a productive asset to the company.


Everyone needs to pull together to create a lasting change!

The video shows our work buddy scheme on operation at the nursery and also at the Garlic Farm.