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Tomato Time!

Be self-sustaining this summer by growing your own tomatoes from Care In The Garden

Whether you're looking to grow them inside or outside, we've got you covered! Read on to see the extensive range of tomatoes we have in stock right now.

We're starting it off strong with Gigantomos! Perfect for your greenhouses, this plant can reach up to 8 feet in height. Come July to September, this absolutely massive variety can get as big as a kilogram per fruit!

Next up is black opals, a smaller but still delicious variety with small, chocolate-coloured cherry tomatoes. From July to September, harvest small fruits of around 20 grams each. Easy to grow outside or in a greenhouse, with each plant reaching around 5 feet.

Alicantes are great, easy to grow cordon types that produce a heavy crop of greenback free fruit from July to September. They are best suited to a greenhouse, but can be planted outside in a sheltered sunny spot. Each tomato can be expected to range from 70-90 grams and taste amazing!

Sweet aperitif crops produce a very high yield of bright red, cherry sized fruits 10-15g in weight with an exceptional taste. As with all our other varieties, these too are very easy to grow and can be planted in a greenhouse or a sheltered sunny spot in your garden.

Gardener's delight is just what the name implies - easy to grow and high yields of beautiful red cherry tomatoes around 14-18g. Grow outside or in a greenhouse and you will be rewarded with these fine fruits from July to September time.

Ailsa Craig is a great variety to grow this summer with its well shaped medium-sized fruits weighing up to 70-90g each. Easy to grow, amazing flavour and perfect for outside or the greenhouse.

Check out or wide range of tomatoes and why not have a look at our other fruit and veg pots like raspberries, strawberries, spinach, lettuce and much more!


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