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Perennial Paradise

Buy 3 perennials at £1.95, or £2.95 and get the cheapest plant at half price.

Offer available until the end of July

Perennials are plants that generally live for two years or more and they are different from shrubs in that they have very little woody growth. Although they will die back in the winter, they will be busy making stronger roots and will soon start to make new growth in spring.

Plants such as Delphinium, Phlox, Gaillardia, Foxglove, Poppy and Hollyhocks are just a few examples of perennials that are often used in cottage gardens. Perennials such as Armeria (Thrift), Aubretia, Campanula, Erodium and Dianthus are also good in rockeries.

Perennials will give you great colour in the border and often have a long flowering season. The main advantage of perennials is that you can save yourself having to plant new plants every year if you use a good selection of perennials in your garden borders.

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