These modern looking earrings are made from 8mm Purple Banded Agate and Silver plated beads. The clever use of two different Silver beads and the unique colour patterns and banding make the Purple Banded Agate the star of this piece. 


Agate was given it’s name by Greek Philospher Theophrastus, who discovered the stone along the Greek River of Achates over 3,000 years ago. It is known for it’s finness of grain, silky glow and variety of colour. Agate is believed to have protection and healing qualities. These crystal clear Clear Agate beads come to life when threaded on a coloured string. Purple Banded Agate's lovely colour patterns and banding make this translucent gemstone very unique and it is also said to alleviate hostilities and promote goodwill both toward self and others.


Please note that semi-precious beads will all include natural inclusions and slight variations of colour. This is what makes them unique as no two semi-precious beads are exactly the same.


Other components are Silver plated.

Each piece is unique.

Length approx. 5cm

Price includes a FREE hand made gift box (random colours and designs).

Purple Banded Agate earrings